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Corredor Afro establishing African and African Diaspora global linkages of historical and contemporary creative legacy to enhance, develop and share the philosophies, intelligences, and cultures of communities of African descendant communities from Loiza to the Globe. Through aesthetic artistic projects, community traditional knowledge, micro-business opportunities for youth and adults the wealth of inherent cultural information will be enhanced and promoted for self and community stability and growth.

Corredor Afro is an international creative, sociocultural, educational, and artistic innovation project focused on highlighting, conserving, and making visible the cultural heritage and ancestral intelligence of Afro-descendants of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the World.

A labor of love for an anti-racist, decolonial, and justice-based future.Corredor Afro investigates, documents, protects, and shares the wealth and ancestral intelligence of Afro-descendants and the African Diaspora in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the world. It provides services for individuals and local communities, as well as for international communities, institutions, and entities. Visit them, learn and get in touch with the Afro-Puerto Rican, Afro-Caribbean culture, and the Afro-centric point of view while supporting self-management and sustainable development initiatives of local businesses.

Product of the collaboration, alliance and work from a collective. Corredor Afro is born from an initiative between the Piñones se Integra Corporation (COPI), from Loíza founded by Maricruz Rivera Clemente, and the Creative Justice Initiative (CJI) from the New York City diaspora, founded by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, both with the shared goal of actively working for Afro-descendants. Corredor Afro creates innovative, intersectional, and multisectoral networks that unite creative entities, communities, researchers, and academics with educational and community-based institutions in order to develop comprehensive projects with community, local and international impact.